Real Hockwives 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Still struggling to finish your last minute holiday shopping?  Let me help you buy for all of the ladies (and gents) in your life, featuring items I reviewed this past year!  Happy holidays!  I’ll be back with fresh nonsense in the new year!

For your aunt who loves to cook but might also be illiterate

tree 1

I would highly recommend Skinny Italian or Fabulicious!, if she is really not into the English language.  There are enough photos of the food (plus bonus photos of Juicy Joe Giudice!) that she might be able to figure it out. Continue reading

Body by Bethenny: A Review


is it just me or is this the worst workout dvd cover ever? image source:

Bethenny Frankel is a lot of things: intense, booze maven, amateur sleuth (don’t let it be about Tom!), batshit crazy, and, of course, skinny.  A collection of workout DVDs is very on brand for her and you know Bethenny doesn’t do anything that doesn’t make her the moneys.  She says that she maintains her figure from doing yoga, so I thought I would give one of her workouts a try.  Body by Bethenny is a 40 minute yoga series, a short weight routine and a “booty bonus” (I can’t imagine what the marketing meetings for workout DVDs are like.  How many synonyms can you possibly come up with for butt, tone and lean?) Continue reading

Skinnygirl Snacks: A Review


I bought this all in one trip and I was so embarrassed.  I felt like I was buying tampons at age 14 and ran into my crush.  #cliché

As we have all probably noticed on this season of Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel has a LOT of Skinnygirl products.  Like a LOT.  And apparently she insists on them being in frame in every single shot of her on camera.  Whether it’s indirectly claiming that Dorinda and her stainmaster sweaty beau, dry cleaning sorcerer to the stars, John, have a cocaine problem to tearily shrieking at everyone around her that SOMEONE (cough, a producer, cough) sent her evidence of Tom cheating on LuAnn, Bethenny makes for damn sure that there is at the very least an empty Skinnygirl margarita bottle rolling around nearby.

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Skinnygirl Cocktails: A Review


I wonder how skinny I will look after 15 of these.

Even though I am not the biggest fan of Skinnygirl Margaritas (SO freaking sour, but not bad if you add a bunch of other stuff to it, much like Bethenny herself), but this book actually looked kind of interesting.  It’s summer and I love a fun cocktail, so why the hell not?

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The Bikini Book: Kelly Bensimon


that’s what my brains is made of! image source:

Y’all… what can we say about Miss Kelly Killoren Bensimon?  I could barely watch her on Real Housewives of NYC due to her INSANE behavior, especially when the group went on the trip to “scary island” and Kelly officially lost her damn mind.  She was basically the friendlier, less-plastic-surgeried version of Janice Dickenson on The Surreal Life: beautiful, leathery, and BATSHIT CRAZY.

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I Suck at Relationships: Part Three

missed parts one and two?  check ’em out!

suck 8

pretty please? image source:

Like the third installment of a reunion from RHONY, we are almost to the end, y’all.  When we left off, Bethenny was telling us to get a life and be a well-rounded person, but on for yo’ mans.  Next, she goes through relationship milestones and how to measure where you stand with your guy.  Which, again, is one part makes sense to two parts crazy.  Which, essentially, is a skinnygirlfriend recipe.

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I Suck at Relationships: Part One

beth 1

Hmmmm… image source:

Oh Bethenny Frankel… I can’t quit you.  Or decide if I like you.  I used to love you, when you were the heart and soul of RHONY and were hilarious and vulnerable.  Then you made a shitload of money, went (still going!) through a horrible divorce and seemed to morph into the most bitter, hateful and neurotic woman to ever grace a Real Housewives franchise.  PLUS you went for Erika Jayne on last season’s RHOBH.  That won you cool points with ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.

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