Indulge: Chocolate Volcanoes


this looks… labor intensive.

To me, Kathy Wakile always seemed like your mom somehow wandered into a Real Housewives franchise.  She was very normal, appeared to actually love her husband (Greek Rick Moranis, Rich Wakile) and her kids.  Beyond all of the ridiculous drama with her cousin, Teresa Giudice, and the presence of her amazing sister, Rosie, I never really understood why she was there.

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Balancing in Heels: Cooking with Kristin

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kristin cooks

I also gaze solemnly at my peppers while prepping them. image source:

SO now that we have learned how to not eat like a garbage person, it’s time to cook with Kristin.  I figured her recipes would be reminiscent of the food I ate on Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop cleanse, and I was not wrong.  Kristin herself is very goop-lite and I wouldn’t be surprised if she launched a full-on lifestyle brand website soon.  Instagram-type persons are very good at creating an enviable-looking world, and some (Gwyneth, Reese Witherspoon) are very successful whereas others fall laughably short (Blake Lively, RIP Preserve).  Based on this book alone, unless Kristin hires a crack marketing team, I am not holding my breath.

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