GOOP 3-Day Summer Detox: Prep


just living the goop-y lifestyle! image source:

Next week, I am doing something a little different on Real Hockwives. Rather than turning my fingers green from whatever horrible jewelry line a real housewife is hocking this week, I decided to turn to the much-reviled goddess of all things smug and healthy, Miss Gwyneth “GOOP” Paltrow.


lol i don’t really eat! image source:

Like most people, I love to mock Gwyn and her seeming unwillingness to recognize the ridiculous lifestyle suggestions she throws around.  A $15,000 solid gold dildo? But of course!  $60 powdered mushroom sex dust?  Oh, you must!  However, also like most people, I secretly want to be her, from her Tracy Anderson-toned physique to her insistence that kale is a safety green (probably) and you should reach for rainbow chard.  Just imagine the energy you would have if you only ate Gwyneth-approved foods!  How peaceful your life would be if you did as much Bikram as Gwynnie.  Oh, and the self-righteousness!  I would love to sip my alkaline-infused blue algae spritzer while smugly watching other slug down Mountain Dew like the obese plebs they are.


oh is that refined sugar? I would never even let that touch my epidermis, but love that for you. image source:

SO to start my journey of smugness and sinewy Gwyn arms, I decided to actually put my kale where my mouth is and do goop’s 3 day summer detox.  For 72 hours, I will goop it up, subsist on water vapors and maca powder and CHANGE MY LIFE.  I can just see my perfect, glowing skin, shiny blonde locks (I am blonde like my girl Gwyn in this scenario) and superior, serene smile as I easily finish the third day.


pay no attention to the empty cheeto bags on the counter. image source:

Now, I knew this was going to be absolute bullshit from the get-go.  Things I yelled out loud while reading the three day menu:

  1. Pistachio milk!  What the fuck is that?!
  2. I don’t have a goddamn waffle iron and I am NOT buying one for Gwyneth’s sake.
  3. Carrot chips are not chips!  Jesus Christ.  Sumac!?  What is that??!?!
  4. Oh my GOD this is going to be expensive.  Hole-y shit.

me af right now. image source:

After I stopped shaking my fist at the screen and threatening Gwyneth, I made the EXTENSIVE list and set up on the first of many trips to locate the one bazillion dollars worth of ingredients I will totes use again.  You know, like flaked unsweetened coconut flakes and hulled hemp seeds.

Two grocery stores, a farmer’s market trip and a hefty Amazon prime purchase later, I was on the road to goop town!


this wasn’t even everything! fuck me.

Although I am looking forward to some of the recipes (Mexican Hot Chocolate Avocado Mousse!) more than others (the stupid carrot chips), I am just mostly glad that there is actual food on this detox.  I did a 3-day juice cleanse with my husband last summer and let’s just say he reacted much better to not eating than I did.  I mostly drank cup after cup of hot water as I was freezing the whole time, ground the shit out of my teeth and glared at everyone/thing for 72 hours.  I am a delight!


that better be beet water. image souce:

After a full two weeks with family in town, I actually looked forward to this after so much pizza, wine, ice cream etc… bring it on, Gwyn!


she’s thinking “you’re going to fucking die.” image source:

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