KKW by Kylie Cosmetics: A Review


kkw kylie cosmetics

ugh, the last one is twisted. living an #Instagramlife is hard, y’all.


Even after my less-than-stellar experience with Khloe’s kollab (barf) with Kylie’s Cosmetics, I decided I had to try Kim’s new KKW collection (man, in such a politically and ethically turbulent year, all of the K’s really seem to be in poor taste).  Kim might not be everyone’s cup (kup? I KAN’T STOP!) of tea, but I think we can mostly agree that her make-up as of late is FLAWLESS.


y is her hair so shiny tho image source: thestir.com

Of course, that is mostly due to the extreme talents of her primary make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, whom she now co-hosts master make-up instructional classes that cost more than $500 (check out his Instagram- he is so freaking talented).  BUT this is a not a line of kosmetics (OH GOD KILL ME NOW) with Mario.  We must remember that this is a line of lipsticks that is a collaboration with a literal teenager whose favorite activities include vocal fry, getting plastic surgery (ALLEGEDLY!) and dating men old enough to have children with her brother’s baby mama.  MESSY!  So what I am saying is, although the packaging was, like Kim herself, really really pretty, I didn’t have the highest hopes for what was inside.


look, kim’s old face! just needed a lip kit, and it’s like she is a WHOLE NEW PERSON! image source: teen.com

The first lovely surprise I got when I opened the millennial pink (KIM IS SO ON TREND YEW GUISE) box was a HAND WRITTEN (lol) note from Mrs. West herself!  Her handwriting is so perfectly her, it’s amazing.  It’s not really bad… just juvenile and exactly what you expected:

kim note

do u like me y r n

I wonder what this “surprise” coming is?  A divorce from Kanye?  Another marriage within 6 months…. TO SCOTT DISICK!?!?  A drink collection with Kendall?  Finally kicking Rob out of the family FOR GOOD!?!??!


just ask your family (wh)oracle, Kris Jenner! she ALWAYS knows (which video) to do. image source: tumblr.com

ONTO THE LIPSTICKS!  Like the Koko collection (these are real products made by real adult women. USA! USA!) before it, Kim named all four lipsticks after her favorite thing: herself!


I didn’t do a watch photo this time as it is really fucking hard to take a photo of a lip swatch while also balancing a lipstick on your arm, but this OBVIOUSLY isn’t a beauty blog.  I figured a nice, filtered (as I had just gotten out of the shower and looked straight up Gollum, which doesn’t really play with the whole Kardashian vibe, so get off me) photo would work fine.  Plus I read this week that Kylie uses her maid’s arm for her swatches which is like the worst/best thing I have ever read.

These 4 lipsticks are honestly so close in color (all shades of pinky-beige) that I had to go to the website to get a description: a “true” nude.  Um, okay, no fake-ass nudes around here.  Here’s what it looked like:





So I guess it was pretty, but it REALLY blended into my skin tone, which isn’t always the most flattering look.  Plus, unless your teeth are like Kardashian white, it can sort of make them look less than stellar against the nude color.  That is why dark lipstick (especially with cool undertones) is our friend!


Man, the marketing geniuses over at Kylie Cosmetics really are top notch (I type Cosmetics with a K every effing time, so maybe they really are)!  Anyway, KIM is like wayyyy different than Kimberly, because this is a “peachy nude.”



not sure why it looks like I got a Kylie-esque lip job in between the two photos- I was just “overlining my lips,” I swear!


It did make me look less um, dead, so I guess I liked this one better.  Honestly, they are so close in color that if all four were the same with different names, I wouldn’t have even noticed.  Like some of the lesser Kardashian-Jenners (I’m looking at your Kourtney!), it’s hard to differentiate within your own brand.


Oooooo, different!  Nope, actually the same.  She should have called this one Berly, as it is basically the just like the others only a “pinky” nude.  At least Khloe’s colors were vastly different (and more stupidly/creatively named).



rocking the “wet hair” look that’s so hot right now.

I guess in photos this one looks the best so far?  I dunno, in person, they pretty much looked the same.  BUT BUT BUT!  Things might just be different with


Oh my.  KimmIE.  Um, okay.  This is a “DEEP” nude y’all, which is like totes different.  Actually, it is the heaviest shade but also maybe my least favorite- it has a very orange-y, Paris Hilton spray tan circa 2001 undertone that I didn’t love.



sorry for the shitty photo quality… I didn’t feel like trying harder.

Overall, these are okay, I guess?  They are definitely more like a lip gloss than the matte liquid lipsticks that are so popular now.  Each one took two solid coats to get the pigment on my lips and it took SO LONG TO DRY, y’all.  I mean, I guess if what you do most of the time is be filmed in more make-up than most people wear on their wedding day while sitting around a gigantic marble island with your sisters while mumbling things like “isn’t mom such a bitch” and “what are you going to do about Scott,” you have plenty of time to let your lips dry.



the most successful woman in America, folks. #wearefucked image source: mommyish.com










One thought on “KKW by Kylie Cosmetics: A Review

  1. Peppermint Petty says:

    This set is about as interesting as Kim herself. Bless you for taking the bullet, if anyone was on the fence about buying this shit-show….you have saved them from wasting their money.


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