LVP Sangria: A Review

lvp 1

life isn’t all boone’s farm in a prettier package, but it should be.

Ah, Lisa Vanderpump.  How can you not love this woman?  She is like a British brunette, business-savvy Strawberry Shortcake brought to life.  As Beverly Hills tends to be the most fantastical of all of the Real Housewives (or Houzzzzwiiiives, as Kyle Richards says) franchises, and Lisa’s own Xanadu, Villa Rosa, has live swans to greet you at the floating walkway to her front door.

lisa swan

she’s like a diabolical Barbie doll and I love it. image source:

I am also a HUGE Vanderpump Rules fan, so I love me some LVP.  That being said, I never thought for even one second that this sangria would be any good. First of all, I am confused because her daughter, the perfectly named Pandora, is in charge of this line and I feel like Lisa’s love for her daughter might be clouding her RIDICULOUS glitter-covered judgment.  (Also, I am very confused as to why Pandora’s last name is Vanderpump?  Isn’t her dad Ken TODD [what a name! Two first names!  Incidentally, I don’t trust him] and she has since been married.  I am all for feminism but WE ALL KNOW you took your mother’s name because of RHOBH, PANDY.)

kim eye roll

“I mean, riiiiiiiiight? wait where am I?” image source:

BACK TO THE SANGRIA.  So, I forced my poor husband to do this predictably tragic wine tasting with me.  I figured I needed at least one other opinion and I made him promise not to let his hatred of all things Bravo (how are we even married) cloud his judgment on what will CLEARLY be fabulous “aromatic wine beverages.”  Oh yes.  We are not dealing with simple wine here, folks.  We are dealing with wine beverages.


I drink my wine beverage out of my glass-shaped receptacle. CUZ I’M CLASSY. image source:

FIRST UP, the LVP Pink.

LVP pink

pink. I love when my wine beverages have colors in their names, so I know they’re quality.

SO Lisa (or perhaps my nepotistic nemesis PANDY) recommends that you drink LVP Pink “over ice and FRUITS, particularly raspberries or strawberries,” but I didn’t have any, so we used peaches.  I sincerely doubt this compromised the flavor, as a peach counts as a “fruits.”


Kate: It’s very… pink.

Husband: It looks like Beringer white zin.


Kate: It smells like medicine.

Husband: It doesn’t smell as bad as it looks.*

*Not a compliment!


Kate: Kid tested, mother approved.  It tastes like what a kid thinks wine will taste like.

Husband: This tastes like terrible apple juice. Or maybe apple cider.

We have also discovered by now that there is hardly ANY booze in this, which is troubling.  (My note for this read “no booze = NOPE NOPE BARF BAD GARBAGE.”  I may have already been drinking before we started this tasting.)  It tastes like it will give you a wicked hangover, so I would like to it to at least inebriate me.

Up next!  LVP Red.

LVP red

you guys my backsplash MATCHES the wine label.  omg.  my house is villa rosa: midwest.

This had a suggestion for an orange liqueur or brandy (?) addition, which we had neither (half of our bar is still at our old house).  So I just cut up some apples and we went for it!


Kate: It… looks like the color of red sangria?

Husband: Are we still doing this?


Kate: It smells like cartoon grapes.

Husband: It smells like a raspberry parfait.  Or like a lot of artificial berries.


Kate: Hmmmmm….. um, well…. it certainly ends on a nail polish remover note.

Husband: It tastes like shitty sugar-free grape juice.  With hints of currant?*

*my husband is a far nicer person than I am and I think he was trying to say something nice.  That he certainly did not mean.

So after trying both, I decided to get creative and go all VANDERPUMP HURRICANE style.

lvp both

the LVP suicide.  “death by vanderpump” is actually a great drink name.

NOPE.  Still no good.  I said out loud, and I quote, “oh, my tummy” after two sips of this.


I’m so sorry, Lisa.  BUT NOT SORRY TO YOU, PANDY.  image source:

So bottom line, I would give LVP Sangria a HARD PASS.  But, be assured, I will try any other drinks this woman puts out in the future.  Hopefully her Ken “Hot Todd-y” will fare better.

4 thoughts on “LVP Sangria: A Review

  1. Felicia says:

    I’m a big fan of Lisa; however, her Sangria is a huge miss! I first noticed the medicinal smell, which was a turn off, but I still kept an open mind. I took one sip & found it bland and similar to the taste of an awful cough syrup. Yuck! This is really too awful to serve to guests. I wasted my money; don’t waste yours. A fabulous Sangria at half the cost is Ay Carumba. I’ll go back to my old favorite.


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