Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig: Part One


I’m guessing it’s mostly botox? image source: goodreads.com

Heather Dubrow, I just don’t know about you.  I used to actually like that you seemed to have your shit together both professionally AND emotionally, which is a unicorn in Real Housewives-land.  But then I listened to your podcast where you mostly complained about the stress of spending $500K on cabinets and you lost me.  However, Heather is married to the atypical Real Housewife husband as Terry is a. gainfully employed in a way that is not reliant on Bravo and b. seems to be an incredibly successful plastic surgeon (see: $500K on cabinets).  Also, his brother was in Quiet Riot, did you know that?!  Anyway, they seem to really love each other and will probably weather the reality tv divorce curse. Continue reading

CUT Fitness: A Review

Y’all, something VERY exciting has happened.  MY WCBFF (West Coast BFF) recently attended a fitness class at NONE other that CUT Fitness, owned and operated by one RHOOC extraordinaire Tamara Judge and her Mark Consuelos-esque husband, Eddie Judge.  She agreed to do a guest post to write about her experience working out with the Judges!

tamra 1 cut.gif

THAT’S HOW WE ROLL AT CUT FITNESS.  image source: allabouttrh.com

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Gretchen Rossi’s…Website: Part Two

missed part one? you lucky duck!

Like so many housewives with Slade Smiley, I could just NOT stay away from the horrific masterpiece that is Gretchen Rossi’s website, shopgretchenchristine.com.  Seriously, it is just SO amazingly bad and none of the main, horribly pixelated photos are different than when we last visited, four months ago.  What the hell is she doing all day that she doesn’t have time to have some kid from UC Irvine come fix this shit for her?


are you? is that what you are doing instead of fixing this nonsense? image source: wifflegif.com


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Gretchen Rossi’s… Website



in heaven, there is no beaute. image source: bornefair.wordpress.com

YOU GUYS.  I am still hard at work on finishing Strong Looks Better Naked, if only so I can understand what that title effing means, but while casually perusing the web for additional Real Housewives products, I decided to take a gander at former OC housewife Gretchen Rossi’s website.  Under her label (?) Gretchen Christine, she sells basically everything you never wanted.

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Ranking the Bravolebrities Podcasts


my husband’s 9th circle of hell. image source: bravowatch.com

I have found a way to bring my love (and hate) of Bravo on my walks and in the car (and FO’ FREE!): podcasts!  I can’t believe I never realized this before.  Here’s my ranking of the millions (well, okay, just three) different podcasts I listen to from three very different BRAVOLEBRITIES (I just effing love that dumb word and try to work it into sentences as much as I possibly can):

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