CUT Fitness: A Review

Y’all, something VERY exciting has happened.  MY WCBFF (West Coast BFF) recently attended a fitness class at NONE other that CUT Fitness, owned and operated by one RHOOC extraordinaire Tamara Judge and her Mark Consuelos-esque husband, Eddie Judge.  She agreed to do a guest post to write about her experience working out with the Judges!

tamra 1 cut.gif


Editor’s note: my WCBFF is like the fittest person I know and is usually better than the yoga instructor whenever we attend classes together.  Her self-deprecation is sincere and charming but also total bullshit.  She is five feet tall and can beat the shit out of both of us.


It DOES exist!

I drove about 15 minutes from Laguna Nigel to Rancho Margarita.  Very pretty drive, hilly, no traffic.  I ended up in an industrial type area (still meticulously landscaped, clean, shiny, new buildings).  The gym itself is very nondescript.  I arrived for my class at about 7:40am (8am start).  The parking lot was fairly empty except for a black maserati and a very fit dude running with sandbags through the parking lot.  When I walk in I am greeted by a taller woman in her mid-forties.  Slim, fit and with her hair and makeup perfectly done.

what, you don’t look perfect at 7 am before you fucking exercise?  how sad for you. image source:

Two things, first I hate people who workout with their hair down & I rolled out of bed, have no makeup on and now think they are going to tell me I can’t workout.  The woman was very friendly.  She said she would grab Eddie, since he would be my instructor.  He comes out and introduces himself with zero fan fair. He’s in standard gym shorts, logo t-shirt and hat.  He is incredibly good looking in person with a great smile.  100% my type…

watch out WCBFF, Tamra has Jesus on her side! image source:

Then Eddie brought me into a large room that resembles a cross fit box.  He asks me what I am currently doing for fitness, what brought me in and if I have any injuries.  Then he gives me the run down of the class which was ab focused. He had me warm up on the Woodway  treadmill since we would be using them in class.  If you haven’t been on one, they take getting used to.  He also told me if I was a distance runner it would be harder because of the way we run (GREAT)*.  He stayed with me while I practiced walking and then started slowly jogging.  I almost fell off a few times and probably would have left if I had!  The treadmills are located in a smaller room that is filled with more TRX bands, monkey bars, spin bikes and dumbbells.  This gave me a chance to check out the full set-up.  This is the room where Tamra was holding her three day fitness event.  While I was in there women who were attending were arriving.  About five minutes before class started I went back in the first room where Eddie was finishing set-up for our class and there were a few people from the 6am class finishing up.
*WCBFF has run approximately 100,000 marathons.

I BLAME VICKI.  image source:

Sidenote: the 6am class is a 3hr Spartan Training Prep.  The guy I saw carrying sandbags in the parking lot was part of this class.  He also stayed for mine.  There was a javelin throw set-up and a set of climbing ropes that two women were practicing with.
Editor’s note: a three hour class????!!  Javelins?!  WHAT IS HAPPENING AT CUT FITNESS?!
This is when I saw Tamra!  She was standing backwards to me talking with the two women on the ropes.  I didn’t even realize it was her until she turned around.  Homegirl is FIT.  But lean fit, not scary fit.  She had to walk past me to get to the other room and I’m pretty sure she is half my size.  Very pretty in person too.  I just wish she didn’t wear so much black eye makeup!  I was doing a little freakout dance inside because I had 100% not expected to see her.

the KWEEN of CUT fitness has arrived! image source:

Onto the class!  The set-up was 12 stations, 60 seconds on 15 second rest 60 seconds on again.  It was a huge variety, some stationary standing holds, some weights, sprinting on the treadmill, ropes and bosu ball.  If you were doing reps the focus was on going slow.  Eddie went around and corrected form, yelled encouragement.  He knew everyone’s name in the class and even remembered mine!  I consider myself to be pretty fit all around but some of the exercises were pretty difficult.  I had to hightail it out of there pretty quickly as I needed to pick up Colin.

i’m not a judge, but them arms is cut!… i’ll see myself out. image source: reality

 The gym was not at all what I expected.  The set-up is very much a crossfit box with some additional equipment.  They definitely paid for high-end treadmills and spin bikes.  I was expecting a Tracy Anderson (no offense Tracy) style gym.  Low impact, full makeup, etc, but this was pretty legit.  I’d definitely consider a membership there if I lived anywhere in the area.  Also the clientele is ALL shapes and sizes which was also refreshing because I expected all 100lb super lean women, especially upon my first greeting.
Congrats to my WCBFF for getting CUT with Eddie and Tamra!  Thanks again for your commitment to Real Hockwives and helping me do what we do best- judge!

hey now, i worked out by association! Transitive property and other geometry. image source:

2 thoughts on “CUT Fitness: A Review

  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    That was fun to read! It was also nice to see a “nice” review of Tamara…lol. Sometimes, I can’t decide if I like her on RHOOC or nor…hehehe.

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