Made in Reality: Part Three

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lauren tear

wait… are we really still on this book? image source:

SO now The Hills has ended, and what’s a former reality star with no real talent besides slowly pushing a salad that cost $30 on a plate while nodding glumly to do?  Well, get on another reality show, post-haste!  Steph worked on one idea that was her and some other no brain going around the country trying to find guys to ride in a caravan behind them or something?  I really didn’t get it, but Oxygen pulled out last minute for some reason, which is like, totes BS because it really sounded so KEWL and full of FUNNIES!

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Made in Reality: Part Two

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steph pratt 1

with bon mots like these, how could she not be on tv. image source:


SO Steph is now back in California, and dealing with the fallout from her shoplifting arrest.  She goes into a few rehabs and hospitals before finally getting clean for good.

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Made in Reality: Part One

made in reality cover

this is so photoshopped it hurts. image source:

Guys, are you ready to feel old af?  The Hills came out TEN YEARS AGO.

TEN.  Holy shit.  I still think it’s 2009 most days, so this is very shocking to me.  In honor of a decade of blonde women looking wistfully at the ocean from brunch restaurants, I decided to take a Bravo break and head for The Hills…

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