Life is Not a Reality Show: Part Three

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kyle loony

see how much I love my sister Kim?  DO YOU SEE!? image source:

First off, Kyle explains how she and Kim are “different” people because Kim likes ketchup and Kyle likes mustard.  Kim likes hamburgers, Kyle likes hot dogs.  Oh well, glad we cleared that all up!  Time to pack it in and go home now!

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Life is Not a Reality Show: Part Two

missed part one? check it out!

rhobh laughing

“so glad I’m here to keep all you ladies down to earth!” image source:

So where were we?  Kyle quickly won over Mauricio’s whole family, natch, and then lists a bunch of times he pissed her off.  To quote a Kardashian, there is LITERALLY no organization to her book.  It is the most unedited mess I have ever read, and that is saying a lot.  Not only does Kyle jump all over the place, she punctuates nearly every sentence with Ha! Ha!  ESPECIALLY when things are not at all funny.  You just know Kyle finds herself to be so goddamn delightful and this book just reflects that.

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Life is Not a Reality Show: Part One


I could’ve taken a better photo where Kyle’s face wasn’t whited out, but nahhh….

Oh Kyle Richards, you zany Becky with the good hair!  What can we say about Kyle that she hasn’t already said herself.  She was born to be on reality television, as with the rest of her family: Kyle’s niece, Paris Hilton, was the queen of the blonde-haired, no-brained nonsense party girls of the early aughts, and her sister, former RHOBH castmate, Kim Richards is the sad combination of drug-addled and clueless that normally is shown on shows like Hoarders or Intervention.  Kyle is just the plain ol’ narcissistic beautiful person who loves saying she hates drama almost as much as she actually loves drama.

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