Wives, Fiancees & Side Chicks of Hotlanta: Part Three

missed part one or part two? check em out!


chateau sheree might not be finished but it AIN’T a budget home! image source: perezhilton.com

SO now that Sasha has slept with Terrence, she is very nervous about everything thinking that she is a ho.  Norman certainly doesn’t help matters and advises Sasha to never expect to hear from him again.  Friendship!  Sasha tries to not think of Terrence but get back to SASHA and SASHA’S very important dreams of her very own fashion empire.  I think I would talk about this less (and laugh less) if She by Sheree had been the success Sheree is implying it was.  Girl, you didn’t even have finished samples at your fashion show!


so nasty, so rude. image source: tumblr.com

Speaking of SHADE, Sasha, Paris and Casey are OBSESSED with shade.  Who is throwing shade, who is receiving shade, was what dat bitch said shade, etc.  They really are the real housewives of Atlanta!  Shade is to RHOA is what Fake Cancer is to RHOOC.  Casey lets Sasha know that (of course) Terrence is super into her, but Paris rolls her eyes at the whole thing.  Like Sheree’s often changing relationship with Nene, I am SO CONFUSED about Sasha’s feelings toward Paris.  Basically, she judges the SHIT out of her over and over and over again but never says any of that to her face.  Yet her entire inner voice is constantly scandalized by everything Paris says/does.  And then when Paris confronts her about talking shit (and throwing shaaaaaaaade) about Paris’s parenting skills, Sasha is shocked.  OF COURSE, Sasha is as skilled as Sheree at the killer one-liners.


#goat. image source: tumblr.com

By the way, did you guys see the tweet that @southwestairlines sent to Sheree the other day after she was complaining to @Delta?

You could use Southwest Hospitality! The 1st two so you don’t have to check them, boo!


Anyway, Sahsa throws a mimosa in Paris’s face.  This has shades (pun intended) of season 1 RHOA all over it.


make new friends, but keep the old! image source: bravotv.com

After this hot mess, Sasha immediately asks Casey why the HELL she told Paris that Sasha was talking shit.  Man, being a real housewife just seems SO EXHAUSTING.  Like, you literally are searching for shady subtext from EVERY conversation and interaction you have with people you barely know.  It makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it.

Casey cries crocodile tears and swears she didn’t mean to cause any issues between Sasha and Paris.  MM HMMM.  But Sasha can recognize she had a part in it (apparently, it’s not very nice to say “does your kid go to school yelling make it raaaaaaain” to a woman who dances for a living, who knew?) and decides to forgive Casey.


not me tho. never me. I am TOO CLASSY for this. image source: tumblr.com

One day, while Sasha is coming home from work, she sees some beautiful leather couches being delivered and she is SO jealous of the person receiving such gorgeous furniture.  Why are they not for her?  Well, SPOILER ALERT- they are!  Terrence is sitting in her apartment with the new stuff and announces that he is in love with her and is showing it by giving her leather goods.  I know nearly all of the real housewives measure the barometer of relationship success by what their partner has given them lately, but Jesus Christ.  Terrence wants Sasha to move it, be his wife, etc.  But Sasha isn’t so sure- after all, what about her DREAMS you guys?  WHAT ABOUT HER DREAMS?  The She by Sheree line ain’t going to design itself!


as am i. image source: tumblr.com

What will Sasha do- give up on her dreams for a man?  Is Casey really her friend?  Will she ever mend fences with Nene I mean Paris?  Ugh, I am so over Sasha I could care less.  This book is fun in a dumb soap opera way, but like I imagine Sheree is herself, better in small doses.  This shit is TEN HOURS LONG, y’all.  Back atcha next with the final installment of Wives, Fiancees, and Exhausting Social Politics of Hotlanta.

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