Caroline Manzo’s Friendly Monkey Soap Co. Bath Bombs: A Review



she don’t look so friendly. image source:

Guys, I have a confession to make.  I actually HATE Manzo’d With Children.  I think it is a terrible show and one of my least favorites on Bravo.  I liked Caroline a lot on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but those shows work because there is REAL conflict between the women, not the manufactured bullshit that is on MWC (is that not the WORST name of a show EVER?  I know Andy Cohen loves him a good pun, but BARF).  It’s like a New Jersey version of Full House, where everyone learns a valuable lesson in 30 minutes (minus commercials) and I DON’T LIKE IT. I just don’t find their family dynamic interesting enough to warrant a whole show (see also: Tardy for the Party, minus Kim’s chef Tracy, who is AMAZING).  However, I accidentally watched one episode a few weeks ago, and luckily it was the one featuring Caroline’s new “passion,” making soaps!


soap?  like… soap soap? did I miss something? image source:

To be honest, I started watching in the middle of the episode and didn’t pay much attention as to WHY this is Caroline’s new thing, but hey, a housewife not doing a horrible shoe or clothing line is a-ok in my book!  So I spent some time on the googles, and after emailing the company, I got an email back from Caroline herself (allegedly) telling me she was hocking her soaps on Etsy like a normal.  I immediately ordered two bath bombs and they came pretty quickly.


her assistant (I’m guessing) didn’t do a very good job of forging “Caroline Manzo”

I ordered an Oatmeal, Milk & Honey bath bomb, as well as an Applejack (green apple) one.  Each one was $6, which wasn’t too bad (until you realize you could buy a ton of bubble bath for $12 + shipping, but whatever).


the logo is… ? but they seemed a-ight.

I was somewhat surprised at the seeming quality of these bombs.  They looked like small Lush bath bombs, the holy grail for any bath enthusiast such as myself.  They are about the size of a clementine and were surprisingly dense, much like Caroline’s former cast mates.  ZING!


sorry, they can’t all be winners! image source:

I decided to go with the oatmeal bomb first, as it was freezing outside (lol, this winter is going to be the death of me) and it sounded soooooooooothing.  The bomb is more crumbly than others I have seen, but it held up pretty well and smelled really good once hot water was running over it.


it looks like… a bath!

I immediately noticed that the water looked a little murky, but other than that, there were no bubbles or anything really noticeable beyond the pleasant scent of oatmeal and honey.  It was a nice bath, nothing too fancy or showy, and I did smell lovely when I got out.  The bomb left a not unpleasant film on my skin, and my bathroom even smelled like a Quaker Oats factory for a few days.  I will say, the BADA BING factor was missing.  When you throw a Lush bath bomb in your tub, the water turns such a vibrant jewel tone that you swear that shit it never gonna come out and your bathtub is hot pink now FOREVER.  However, it somehow doesn’t!  This bomb didn’t do any of that, but it did leave behind a LOT of little granules and oat pieces that were a bitch to clean up.  Maybe the green apple bomb would have a little more WOW!

Luckily, that wish came true.



check out dat blue!

I liked the oatmeal bomb, but I loved the applejack one.  Even though the water was a bright blue, which doesn’t exactly scream “green apple” to me, but whatever.  The color was so bright I once again feared that the color would permanently stain my tub (“she just started making these like two weeks ago!  What if she was like fuck it and just used food coloring and I am going to look like an ombre’d smurf and my husband is going to kill me for ruining our bathtub in pursuit of reviewing shitty real housewife disaster products?”).  However, the color drained completely with the water and this bomb didn’t leave any particles behind.  The bomb left a nice film on my skin (the scent was also subtle, not too fruity or sweet) and I actually think I would maybe buy these again?!?!!?



I stand corrected, Mrs. Manzo. image source:




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