Made in Reality: Part One

made in reality cover

this is so photoshopped it hurts. image source:

Guys, are you ready to feel old af?  The Hills came out TEN YEARS AGO.

TEN.  Holy shit.  I still think it’s 2009 most days, so this is very shocking to me.  In honor of a decade of blonde women looking wistfully at the ocean from brunch restaurants, I decided to take a Bravo break and head for The Hills…

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Be A Knockout with Kendra: A Review

ken dvd

a workout sponsored by US weekly? does this mean I am going to have to do burpees with one of the tools from The Bachelorette?

Ah, Kendra Wilkinson (or is it Kendra Baskett this week?  Are she and Hank on a reality show right now, like Save My Marriage Tropical Bikini Contest Sad Face on Lifetime or something? I can’t keep up), the “sporty” former member of Hef’s harem with the laugh that broke a thousand eardrums.  Since she moved out of the Playboy mansion, Kendra has gotten married, had two kids, maybe separated from her husband, maybe got back together (too lazy/don’t care enough to google) with her husband and been on approximately 37 reality shows.  She also is a fitness personality, apparently, and we get to be a KNOCKOUT with her!

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