Witches of WeHo Wine: A Review

witches of weho wine

I just hope this doesn’t literally kill me.

I’M BACK, BITCHES!  It’s been a hot minute, but I guess my kids got in the way of my dreams of writing about Snooki and Sonja Morgan’s clothing lines (THINK ABOUT IF THE TWO OF THEM OPENED A CLOTHING BOUTIQUE TOGETHER. JUST THINK ABOUT IT), but I am back with a HOT OFF THE PRESSES review of the wine from messiest trio of ladies in their 30s since…. other ladies on Bravo who are now in their 40s and 50s (Vicki/Tamara/Shannon; Tre/Melissa/Danielle Staub-OfMarty-OfOliver, etc.) were in their 30s.  That’s right: Witches of Weho Potion Number One!

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Xo,G Wine: A Review


these come with “shatterproof” glasses so I guess when you throw them against the wall in protest of the wine, they don’t make a mess.

Oh Giuliana Rancic, nee DePandi… If I watched E! News (and why anyone with a computer would watch that mess when everything on it is available online in a way less annoying format), I am sure I would miss you.  I did watch it every night when I briefly lived in Los Angeles, mostly to who had gotten arrested that day: Paris, Lindsay, Britney or Nicole.  2005/2006 was an exciting time in LA.

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