Heather’s Closet: Wedding Dress

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heather closet 2.jpg

no heather, ain’t nobody got time for this nonsense. image source: pinterest.com

SERIOUSLY OMG THIS THEME SONG.  If you do nothing else today, PLEASE listen to this so I don’t feel so alone: Continue reading

Heather’s Closet: Episode One



“aren’t I soooo relatable?” image source: pinterest.com

Oh Heather Dubrow, what to do with you?  At first, you seemed like a normal who wandered into a blonde party of such craziness, that you truly seemed like the first real housewife who felt like she was aware of the fuckery going on around her.  BUT THEN I listened to your podcast and realized you need Shannon’s kookiness and Tamra’s trashy hot lady vibes to foil your uptight, brunette shtick.  By yourself, you are insufferable, and even in the midst of the melted Barbies screaming at each other that is the Real Housewives of Orange County’s deal, you have kind of lost the plot.  If you make me feel sorry for the pile of stained club shirts from Wet Seal that is Kelly Dodd, you are a BAD PERSON. Continue reading